Four Ways To Start A New Job Right

Congratulations! You’ve landed a job. Yea! Now, there are a few tips that can get you started on the right path. They’re not hard. these are four ways to start a new job right.

Want to know what they are, keep reading!

1) Be on time

Arrive five minutes early on your first day.

Why? This will give you time to calm your nerves (if you’re nervous; which I have always been) and to finish up any additional paperwork there may be.

Also, arriving early makes a good impression. It gets you noticed and makes you look good (work-wise). Some may say it makes you look eager. In my opinion, I’d rather look eager than someone who doesn’t care.

After the first day, be on time and ready to work.

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2) Bring your A-game

If you know your self-worth (believing in yourself and knowing what skills you bring to the table), you will bring your A-game. Which is a good thing, because your co-workers will be sizing you up and trying to figure out what you are all about.

Just a heads up newbies! Work is a lot like school. There are good and bad people. There are gossips, backstabbers, and folks who will tear you down to get what they want.

Since it’s hard to tell at first who is who, I’m a little suspicious of everyone in the workplace until I know who they are. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be your natural friendly self, I’m just saying for the first few days observe everything to get a feel of how your co-workers and office works.

3) Take notes

If you go through any training, it’s a good idea to take notes.

I always do. Just in case there is ever a time when I’m not sure of what to do, I’ll have something to refer to. I like to look for the answer on my own before I go to my boss. In my mind, it shows self-sufficiency.

However, I had this ability backfire on me. I once had a supervisor, who said she would dread me showing up because she knew I had a BIG problem!

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4) Do your job

This may sound stupid but it needs to be said. Don’t get caught up in all the office activities and forget to do your job.

Just because your manager isn’t looking over your shoulder, doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t know what you’re doing. Usually, as the new person, management watches everything you do to make sure they made a good choice in hiring you.

Remember when I said that work is like school? Did you have a kid in class who would tattle to the teachers about anything anyone did wrong? Well, these people grew up and are doing the same thing. Now they tattle to the manager.

Some employers will use electronic means to keep track of what employees do during the day. Think of your work computer. If your employer supplied a work computer for you to use to work remotely, then anything that’s created or sent from this computer can be monitored. Also, this same thing can happen in the office too.

So be careful of what you write and what websites you go to, someone could be watching you.

The Takeaway

Starting your first job or a newer job is an adventure. Good pay, new co-workers, new surroundings. It’s all exciting!

Remember this is your workplace, and that there are rules. Arrive early on the first day, bring your A-game, take notes of important information, and do your job.

Keeping these four in mind will point you in the right direction to achieve success in your career journey.

Just saying.

If you want to share a story of how you started a new job, please share it in the comments section below. If you have any comments, please put them down there too. I’d love to read them.

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