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Hi, my name is Marsha. I am an Afro-American woman who is a mom, wife, and working woman. 


The reason for this blog

The idea for this blog came from me wanting to give my teenage daughter the knowledge and common sense needed to live in the Real World. I didn’t want her to fall into the same traps I did. 


While I thought about educating her, I started to think about other girls and young women who didn’t have someone to help them with life. So that’s how this blog, A Woman’s Outlook, was born.


My Back Story

I was born into a small family with a large support circle. I’m the oldest of two kids and was a little spoiled. 


While growing up, a lot of older family and family friends gave me advice ‘like save your money’ or ‘think before you speak’.


Well, being hardheaded, I didn’t listen. I thought I knew everything, and old folks didn’t know anything. 


What I didn’t know is that they had been down the road I was about to travel, and was giving me a heads up. 


So I had all this knowledge and didn’t use it. It wasn’t until after certain things happened, that I realized these situations could have been avoided if I had listened to the older folks.   


What To Expect From A Woman’s Outlook

Here there will be straight, honest talk about lessons and tips in three topics: life, relationships, and work/school. 


Please remember these are my experiences and opinions. If I feel a subject might be sensitive to some, I will give a warning at the top of the post.


If I miss something, I apologize. I don’t want anyone to be confronted by something that they’re not ready for. I want this to be a safe place to learn and share.


Also, there will be mentions of the Lord God and his son Jesus Christ from time to time. They are big folks in my life.


An Invitation

So, I invite you to come and visit for awhile.  If you have any stories or comments you’d like to share, feel free to put them in the comment section below. 


Thank you!