3 Important Lessons Learned From Covid-19

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When the Coronavirus first popped up, a lot in life changed. After coming out of the COVID-19 crisis and looking back, I noticed three lessons that we should have learned. Namely staying home when sick, washing one’s hands more, and how to see a person’s true self.

Staying home when sick

I think this illness made some people realize how important it is to stay home if you are sick. This was something my mom, a nursing assistant, was hardcore about. 

If my brother or I got sick, we had to stay in our bedroom and only came out to use the bathroom. Even then, as soon as one of us came out of the bathroom, she would go in there and Lysol it down! So, I grew up with the idea that if you are sick, you keep your behind at home and stay away from others.

Now during my working life, I have seen many people come to work sick. Each time, it blew my mind!=Read this!, a Robert Half press release article posted on the ‘CNBC Make it!’ Website in November 2019, put it this way.

According to an October report from Robert Half, 57% of employees sometimes go to work while sick, and 33% always go to work while sick, which means that as many as 90% of workers go to work while under the weather.

Look, I understand folks may not have the time to take off. It’s happened to me! Want to know why I feel sick folks should stay at home?

When a person coughs or sneezes, infected particles go into the air. Since co-workers sit close to each other in most workplaces, there’s a big chance those particles will make their way to someone. Now that person gets infected and carries it home to family and friends. A few days later, that person is sick and off from work.

If that person is an hourly employee, she gets paid for the hours worked. Now your actions have messed with her finances. So don’t be surprised if she’s a little salty with you when she gets back to work.

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Keeping hands clean can cut down on spreading diseases. Every year, in the United States, there is a marked Cold and Influenza season, usually during the fall and winter months.

Also allergies which can be year-round. It’s easy to blow your nose, and then without thinking touch your eyes, your computer mouse or TV remote. So get in the habit of sanitizing or washing your hands anytime you wipe your nose. I did.

Now there are some diseases such as Hepatitis A are passed through bodily fluids like urine. So please wash your hands after using the toilet! The World Health Organization states that Hepatitis A can be passed by ingesting something that has been contaminated by Hepatitis A-infected stool and blood.

Storytime. One day I was working at a particular position at a particular business, and I went to the restroom.

As I passed the sink area, I saw two ladies chit-chatting. I went into the first open stall and started to handle my business. During this, I heard the person in the stall next to me chat with the other two ladies.

While I handled my business, I hear the restroom door open and see somebody hurry past my stall. I finished up and went to the sink area to wash my hands. Well, the sink area wasn’t free, so I waited for a lady to finish washing her hands.

A few minutes later, the lady that came in after me, came out of her stall and stood in line behind me. I’d seen her around and she had said she was sick. I’m cool but still keeping my distance.

I see her cough over the sinks in the mirror and then wipe her nose. Gross, but whatever. If it’s not on me, we’re good.

I freaked out in my mind! Why? 1) She has been sick. 2) I saw her wipe her nose with her hand and then open the door with that same hand! Now her germs are all over the handle. 3) She didn’t wash her hands after using the toilet. I don’t know if she has a disease!

Ever since then, I don’t have any desire to touch a public bathroom door handle with my bare hand. I’ll open the door using a paper towel or a wad of toilet tissue.

Please wash your hands!

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Seeing a person’s true self

It seems like every time there is a national crisis people tend to show their true selves. There seem to be two kinds of people.  This was very evident during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The first person is helpful and looking out for their fellow person. An example is when the neighbor-connecting website, Nextdoor partnered with Walmart to match up people willing to do grocery shopping and delivery for those who were not able to go out.

According to a report from Gartner–a  research and advisory company–, there was a record amount of people signing up to help out.

The second kind of person is the selfish one. She is the one who wants to do what she wants to do and doesn’t care about others. For example, not wearing a mask in places that recommend it.

The takeaway

Though our lives are different now, it’s temporary. As soon as the pandemic has died down, we will return to our lives.

I hope that the 3 important lessons learned from Covid-19–such as keeping to oneself when sick, washing hands more, and thinking about helping others–will stay with us all for a long time.

Just saying.

If you would like to share a story of something you learned from Covid, please share it down in the comments section. If you have any comments, please put them down there too. I’d love to read them.

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