One Reason Why You Should Change Yourself

Woman in striped Long Sleeve Shirt Standing Near White and Gray House during Daytime used for graphic for post the number one reason for why you should change yourself
Photo by Julian Jagtenberg

In my post, 3 Real-World Things Everybody Should Know, I stated that the one reason you should change yourself is for yourself.

When we love and trust someone, we often love and trust more than we should. Unfortunately, people in this world will prey on that love and twist it.

Little comments from a partner or co-worker can get into a person’s head and make that person see things the way the person who ‘loves’ them sees them, whether the imperfection is there.

So be careful of what you take to heart when folks talk to you. Think about what they are saying. Is the person offering advice to help you, or is the person trying to tear you down? Some people will disguise meanness as ‘being honest.’ 

It’s okay to change things about yourself. Make sure the change is because it will make YOU feel better, not to fit in with a group or follow a trend. 

Those things never last. Over time, the ‘It’ people and trends change.

Just saying!

If you want to share a story of how you changed yourself for you, please share it in the comments section. If you have any comments, please put them down there too. I’d love to read them!

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