10 True Tips For Every High School Freshman

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In the fall of 2023, my daughter started her first year of High School. I’m so excited for her. One day, she came and asked me what it was like. Well…it got me thinking about the things I wish I had known going into high school. Here are 10 true tips for every high school freshman.

1. You are not the only one new to the school

There are other students who are going through this new situation too.

2. There is a hierarchy, and freshmen are at the bottom

You’ll figure this out pretty soon. Freshman are the lowest ranking person. The higher-up students may or may not pick on them just because they are at the bottom.

The Sophomores are just surviving, and are glad they aren’t freshmen anymore.  They may or may not mess with freshmen. 

The Juniors are wrapped up in what will happen after high school. They’ll probably ignore everyone. 

The Seniors are at the top and know it.  Some are laid back and nice, and some are straight-up buttholes. Some day, you will be there too. 

3. Don’t look like a freshman

I had heard horror stories about big seniors picking on little freshmen, so I was terrified of being a target.  

Thankfully, my school held an orientation night before the new school year started. This was an opportunity to meet teachers, get class schedules, and tour the school.  

After I met my homeroom teacher and found my locker, I took my class schedule and found where all my classes were. I also memorized the route from one class to the next. So I wouldn’t look like a lost freshman on the first day.

Well, everything went well on the first day of classes. I thought I had succeeded. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I found out my plan to not look like a freshman hadn’t worked as well as I thought it had. 

I found out from a senior, who I became friendly with, that because she had never seen me before; she figured I was either a transfer student or a newbie. 

Crap! All that hard work down the drain. Oh, well.

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4. Take your education seriously

This is self-explanatory, but I will say it. Take your education seriously.

To be educated is an opportunity that’s not open to everyone.  So get all the learning you can. That’s one thing no one can take from you. 

In the U.S., many people have worked and died so minorities and women can have the same education as the majority. Respect and appreciate their sacrifices. 

5. Do your classwork

By doing your work, you stay on the good side of your teachers, and everything will go smoothly.  Side note: Be involved, but don’t be so involved that you’re THE ONE that reminds the teachers about homework.

Now back to what I was saying before, if they see you working, some teachers will reach out to help you with whatever they can. College, a side job, life.

6. There will be drama

You can ignore it or be in it.  The choice is yours.

7. Dating

I should say not to date but I know it’s going to happen anyway. So all I can say is don’t kiss everyone. 

Why not? Have you heard of the Kissing Disease or Mononucleosis (Mono)? It’s a virus that’s transmitted through saliva and can have the same symptoms as the flu.  It usually clears up within a few weeks or a few months.

I had it later in life. It started with sneezing, coughing, and a stuffy nose. I didn’t pay it any mind. Since I didn’t have a fever, I thought it was allergies. 

Then one morning, I was so tired I couldn’t get out of bed. That’s when I knew something was up! I went to Urgent Treatment and found out I had Mono.

The flu-like symptoms cleared up in about a week, but the tiredness lingered for several weeks.

8. If you can’t dress like the in-crowd, do your own thing

The school I went to had a lot of upper-middle-class kids. I was not. My first year, I tried to dress like them, look like them. Everything. But I couldn’t. 

So when the next year rolled around, I decided to do my one thing! I put together my style. Instead of wearing $60 Guess jeans, I wore $10 Bonjour brand jeans I found at a local discount store.

I tied colorful bandanas around my wrists to sub as bracelets. My hair was either up in an up-down style or pulled up into a faux hawk. If I was pressed for time in the morning, I would curl the ends of my hair under to create a bob with bangs, which I called ‘The Cleopatra’.   

By the end of the year, I saw some students copying my clothes and hairstyle!

9. Start planning your ‘after high-school’ future

Are you going to college, the military, get a job or keep your present one after high school? If you don’t have a plan, figure out one. The beginning of your sophomore year is the best time to start.

10. Don’t be a Ho!

Boys talk. Once it gets around that you’ll have sex with anyone, you’ll have boys climbing out of the woodwork to have sex with you. 

They’ll act real sweet like they love you, but it’s all to get you in bed. Then after you both do that, the guy will go back and talk to all his friends about it. 

Don’t do it! That’s not a good look. You’re worth more than to be used like that!

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The takeaway

High school is a rite of passage in most U.S. teens’ lives. 

In my mind, these are 10 true tips for every high school freshman to know going in. If you remember these, you will be okay.

Just saying!

If you’ve been through high school and have a tip you want to add, please put it in the comment section below. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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