10 True Tips For Every College Freshman

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Going into college is a big deal and a new chapter in your life. Here are 6 true tips for every college freshman. Please keep in mind this is my opinion.

Tip #1 Be yourself

College is a whole new situation. New people. New place. It’s a chance to start over.

Though it’s a chance to make a fresh start, remember to be yourself. If you try to act like someone you aren’t, the truth will come out. No matter how much you try to hide it.

It’s not good to build friendships on lies.

Tip #2 Your roommate may not be your new BFF

Unless you get to choose your roommate, School Housing will pair you with someone you’ve never met.  

Luckily, at the school I went to, my roommate (whom I had never met) and I were able to send letters to each other. So we were able to get an idea of what the other person was like and figure out who would bring what to the dorm.

We got along, but we weren’t best buds.

Tip #3 Take care of your business

If you live away from home, you will have to take care of yourself. You will be in complete control of your life and time.

If you’re not sure how to do something, Google it. That’s what I do. There’s a lot of information out there on a lot of different subjects. 

Tip #4 Set up a study time

Uh, that wasn’t going to work for me. If I did that, I would spend all my time studying! So, I spent thirty minutes to an hour on each subject. That was enough for me. 

Now you may be different, and if so that’s cool. Do what works for you!

Tip #5 Stay away from credit cards

When I was in college, credit card companies were allowed to come onto campus and try to get students to apply for credit cards. 

They didn’t stand out on the sidewalk and hand out credit card applications. No. What these companies did was put credit card applications in care packages and then pass them out to the students.

Inside the care package were snacks, little products (sometimes), and a form to sign up for a credit card.

Since this was done during the first week of school, the care packages seemed like a freebie perk. Getting a free box of snacks was nice. 

I lived in a freshman dorm at the time and all of us girls were excited about the packages. We swapped snacks and talked about filling out the credit card applications. The whole thing was a bonding experiment. 

That’s how I got sucked in. The whole time I told myself if I get this credit card it would be only for emergencies. Well, one thing led to another, and now I’m in debt.

So beware of anything (like t-shirts, products, etc.) being given out by businesses on or off campus. 

I’m not saying not to take the care packages. I’m just saying to think about why companies are giving these branded items out. 

Tip #6 Learn ways to make money last

Some folks talk about the horrible life of being a broke college student. I don’t feel it was that horrible. 

I learned how to stretch the money I got, so I had some to spend. For example, I would order the cheapest large pizza, eat some of it that night, and save the leftovers for breakfast and lunch the next day.

Look at all the ways you can save money. The more you don’t spend, the more money you can have in your pocket.

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Tip #7 Get everything in writing

Dani, over at the blog Dani Dearest, reminded me of this important college tip. 

If you meet with a school counselor about changes in your curriculum or fees, get it in writing. 

Things change. People forget. This document will show that what you all talked about at some time was real.  

My school had a habit of changing the number of classes needed to graduate. It happened to everyone. It was annoying. 

So my junior year, I met with my counselor and was able to lock in the number of courses I had left. Which was nice, because I was ready to go. 

If you have the opportunity to do this, do it.  You will be happy you did. 

Tip #8 There will be drama

To me, college felt like high school in a way. Some of the students are young and still immature. 

Since I was a little older (22) when I started university, I was able to see the drama coming and step out of the way.  

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Tip #9 Start planning your after college future

If you start college without a major, you should find your career within the first two years. If you need help finding your career niche, try the school’s Career Development and Placement office.

Through career counseling, this department can help you figure out what you want to do.

Then in your junior year, think about where you want to work. The same Career Development department can help you find that job. They have contacts in a lot of different fields.

Some colleges and universities have different work programs to help you get real-world experience. The college I went to had a Cooperative Education (Co-op) program. 

This program paired students with businesses, so students could get actual work experience and college credit.

I loved it! I did my Co-op during my last semester of university. Afterward, the employer offered me a full-time position.

Tip #10 Don’t be a hoe

Boys talk. Once it gets around that you’ll have sex with anyone, you’ll have boys climbing out of the woodwork to have sex with you!

They’ll act like they love you, but it’s all to get you in bed. Afterward, the guy will go back and talk to all his friends about it. 

Don’t do it! It’s not a good look.

The takeaway

Entering college is a new adventure.  A new chapter in life. Nonetheless, there are things that newbies should be aware of. 

I hope these 10 true tips for every college freshman will help you out.

Just saying.

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