Why Fighting Over A Cheating Man Is Stupid

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When we are young, sometimes we do things we shouldn’t. Here’s a time when I learned why fighting over a cheating man is stupid. Want to know what happened? Keep reading. 

I was a sophomore in high school. Way back when, the high schools in my area were from 10th grade to 12th grade. Now it goes from 9th to 12th grade.

I have to give you the layout of the cafeteria, so you can understand where I was sitting. The cafeteria was shaped like a big rectangle. Wider than longer.

Since the cafeteria was always open, people used it as a cut-through to get from one side of the school to the other. Towards the front of the cafeteria were rows of long tables on the right and left side of the room.

While I ate lunch at a row of tables near the cut through, I heard yelling and looked up to see two girls yelling in each other’s faces. There was a young guy who stood nearby. Not saying anything. At first, I didn’t think too much about this. Just two girls arguing over a guy, so I went back to eating my lunch.

The next thing I hear is ‘fight’ and then the sound of scuffling. I looked up and the two girls are pulling hair, and then threw punches. So I started to watch like everybody else.

As I stood there, I saw the guy, that had been with them earlier, take a seat at my table. Then I saw the craziest thing ever. A smirk came across his face.I couldn’t believe it!

Here, two girls are fighting over him, and he has the nerve to sit and laugh at this. Are you kidding me?

I was disgusted that he just sat there and didn’t even try to stop them! Thankfully, school security showed up and separated the girls.

What I learned

I learned two things.

1) Don’t fight over a cheating man. He’s not worth it! My philosophy is that if my man allows himself to be seduced by some other woman, he needs to go.

Now I do understand that there may be instances where he is not at fault. You know, like if he was held at gunpoint or something like that. But if he allows it to happen, then he’s at fault, and he needs to go.

2) Don’t go after the other woman when you need to be talking to your man about this. Better yet, you and she need to team up and beat his cheating butt. That’s what you need to do.

This happened to a friend, and this is how it went down

I remember something like this happened to someone I know. I’ll call her Emma to protect her identity. Emma found out her live-in boyfriend was cheating on her with another woman who didn’t live too far away from where they lived.

The woman’s name will remain anonymous. I’ll just refer to her as The Other Woman.

Emma wasn’t interested in fighting The Other Woman. Instead, she went to The Other Woman’s apartment and had a talk with her.

Later, while I was at Emma’s place in one of the bedrooms, I heard shouting coming from the living room. I went to check and saw Emma and her boyfriend arguing about the situation. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Guess who it was? The Other Woman. She didn’t get pass the door good, before she started screaming at Emma’s boyfriend too!

I had never seen anything like it before. Emma and the other woman were attacking him together, yelling and screaming! The boyfriend tried to defend himself, but he was losing the fight. To me, it was actually kind of funny.

After everything was over, Emma and The Other Woman became good friends. That day, I learned an important lesson: “Don’t fight, unite!”

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The takeaway 

I know we may be in love and want to be with who we want to be with, but sometimes you have to let that person go. Especially if it’s a cheating man.

Instead, look at your options. 

1) Dump him, or

2) Team up with the other girl, and together you both beat his cheating behind.

 Just saying!

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