4 Reasons Not To Do ‘It’ While Still In School

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Submitted by Ginny V, my daughter

Preface: Keep in mind that this is my opinion and your situation may have a different outcome.

So, you’re 15, and you have a boyfriend. He seems sweet, nice, and caring. But you both want to go further. You both want to do it (have sex).

You may think, ‘even though we’re both 15, and we’re both in school, it’ll be ok. I won’t get pregnant. And if I do, he’ll be with me to help care for the coming child.’

Well, you shouldn’t do it. That’s not a good idea, and I’ll tell you 4 reasons why not to do ‘It’ while still in school.

1. You’ll most likely get pregnant

Ok, so I need to tell you something. (I will be talking a bit about how babies are made, so if you don’t know, click here.) If your boyfriend’s sperm can reach the egg in your uterus, you will get pregnant.

Even if it’s one time or even quickly, you’ll most likely get pregnant. If you don’t want a baby, sorry, this is a good way to get one.

But let’s say you do want a child, and you’re planning to share it with your boyfriend. Well….

2. There is a chance your boyfriend will not be with you after you’re pregnant

So, let’s say you’re pregnant, and you tell the news to your boyfriend. I’m sorry to tell you this, but your boyfriend may leave you. This is because most men don’t want to take care of a child when they’re 15, let alone while they’re still in school.

If you don’t know, taking care of a child takes a lot of work, and people don’t want to worry about a baby while worrying about homework or exams.

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3. I doubt your parents will be fine with you having a child while you’re 15 and in school

You get pregnant, and your boyfriend does or doesn’t leave you. Now, most parents (if not all) would not be happy if you got pregnant or even if you just did it.

I know I would be dead if I got pregnant or my parents found out I did it with my boyfriend while I was still in school. Let me explain.

First, my parents would yell at me. Then, they would punish me (probably by a spanking, taking all my stuff, etc.).

I know there are probably parents who would do worst, like, kicking out their child or disowning them. Some parents would probably be fine with it without punishing their child (which I would say is a ‘rare breed’).

But even if you know your parents would be ok with you being pregnant, there’s one more reason why you don’t want to get pregnant or have a child.

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4. Babies are a lot of work. Also, can’t forget the judgment

Babies, or just kids in general, are a lot of work to take care of. Ask your parents or anyone who has taken care of kids before. It’s a lot of work. Especially babies.

Babies are so fragile and need a lot of care. Also, they’re pricey. Do you know how people talk about how they want low-maintenance pets? Well, if babies were a pet, they would be ultra-high maintenance.

Think about it. You have to take care of changing your crying baby’s diaper while you’re trying to study.

But even if you have the best circumstances (your boyfriend will help you with the baby, and your parents will, too), you can’t ignore the judgment you will get. While you’re pregnant or taking care of the child, people will judge you.

If it’s obvious to tell you’re pregnant, people will look at you with judgmental looks, and some brave people will say something mean to you, so it won’t be nice.



It’s not a good idea since you’ll most likely get pregnant, your boyfriend’s most likely not going to be with you anymore, your parents probably aren’t going to be fine with you having a child, and babies are a lot of work, along with the judgment you’ll get.

Talk to my mom if you think doing it once will not get you pregnant. My mom is proof of that. (Also, if your boyfriend or anybody else forced you to do it, then that’s a crime, and you should call the police.) So yeah.

So don’t do it while you’re still in school, ok?

About the Author
Ginny V, my teenage daughter, has a strong opinion about many things. She is a student and a YouTube lover. Her ambition is to be a writer or a computer programmer.

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