How Comparison Shopping Can Save Money

Anytime I’m going to make a purchase, I first comparison shop. The reason is I want to get the most bang for my buck.

What is a Comparison Shopping?

It means comparing an item’s price at different stores. Back in the day, I would spend an afternoon going from store to store, collecting prices, and deciding which item I wanted. The internet has made the process so much easier; now, I can go to store websites and compare prices.

Here is a perfect example. When my family moved into our house, I wanted a washer and dryer really bad.

I was tired of going to the laundromat, getting quarters, and fighting to use washers and dryers. So, I started looking online and comparing prices.

I wanted a washer with a big drum (what the clothes go into) and a dryer with an equally big drum. I went to the websites of all appliance stores in my city. Well, all the stores I could think of.

Once I figured out which washers and dryers I wanted, I went to the store to check them out. I’m old school. I like to look at the item to determine the quality of the product.

After looking at the product and talking with the sales associates, I got a good washer and dryer for USD 1200 to USD 1300. Back in 2010, that was a good deal for both.

Why comparison shop?

Comparing prices is a great way to get the best for the least amount. What makes me mad is buying something and then finding out I could have gotten it cheaper someplace else a week later.

Though I’m concerned about the price, I also worry about the quality. My philosophy is, why buy something for cheap when it can tear up in no time. So, if I’m going to spend a lot of money, I want to ensure I’m getting the best I can afford.

Don’t be misled by name brands. I found out from store associates that some name brands will sell their products at several different prices.

This means that the product will be sold under a different name and cost differently but have the same quality as its name-brand sister. My washer and dryer may be Maytag, but they are sold by Whirlpool.

The takeaway

So, the takeaway is always comparison shop before you buy because it could save you money. Now with the internet, this process can be done faster and easier than back in the olden days.

This plan can go for any purchase, not just a big-money item. It can go for something as small as where to buy groceries.

Just saying.

If you want to share a story of how comparison shopping helped you, please share it in the comments section. If you have any comments, please put them down there too. I’d love to read them!

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