What A Good Man Is Not…

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There are a lot of thoughts out there about what a good man is like.  Some are true, and some are not. If you want to know, keep reading. I can tell you what I have learned that a good man is not.

Red flags

Controlling–He will not demand to know where you are every minute of the day, keep track of what he does for you, or make threats. He won’t be jealous if you have friendships outside of you all’s relationship.

Manipulative–He is not going to guilt you into doing things. He will not emotionally, mentally, verbally, or physically abuse you. He won’t gaslight you; make you confused or doubt yourself.

Irresponsible–A good man will take responsibility for his actions. Also, he will take care of his responsibilities; whether it is his job, finances, or family. A man will handle his business; a boy will not. You want a man, not a boy.

A good man will not lie on the couch and play Playstation all day.  He’s got a job or a legal way to earn money to pay his bills and take care of his obligations. In today’s economy, he may have trouble keeping a job. However, a good man will not jump to a new job every week or use you as an ATM. 

Disrespectful– Here is a quick test to determine if he is rude. Watch how he treats his mom. If he’s giving her craziness, what do you think he will give you? Now it’s true that not all kids have loving relationships, but there should be respect for the woman who gave him life.

Woman beater–A good man will not put his hands on you in anger!  He’s been taught to love, care, and cherish his woman. 

If your man continuously puts his hands on you, run! Run now! Don’t make kids with this man! Don’t get your finances mixed up with this man! Get out any way you can and get yourself some therapy!

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The takeaway

A lot of people have ideas about what a good man should be.  I don’t know about that, but I can tell you the qualities I looked for and found in my husband. Smart, responsible, respectful, hard-working, caring, loving, and a protector.

Don’t waste your time on what you don’t want. Life is too short. 

Just saying!

If you have any qualities you want to add or wish to comment on, please them in the comment section below. 

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  1. Having “… and get yourself some therapy!” really be out here sounding like YOU’RE the problem, not the man! But I understand what you mean though 🙂 .

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