6 Posh Ways To Enjoy A Wedding Reception

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A wedding reception can be a joyous day. However, some people get carried away with the fun; and do things that embarrass themselves and others.  Here are 6 ways to enjoy a wedding reception, so it will be a pleasant memory for everyone involved.  If you want to know what they are, keep reading!

RSVP as soon as possible

Please respond to the invitation as soon as possible.  RSVP is the abbreviation for ‘Respondez, s’il vous’ plait’ which translated from the French is: Respond, if you please.

By letting the couple know you are coming, they will know how many people to have food and drink for.

Don’t wear white!

At one time, a bride would wear any color she wanted.  That changed when Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom wore a white dress and veil for her wedding in 1840. 

Now, white has become a traditional color for brides to wear. An unsaid rule is that no other woman wears white out of respect for the bride.

To avoid any conflict, I URGE you not to wear a white outfit.

Bring or send a gift 

It’s customary to bring or send a gift for the new couple. If you’re unsure what to get, you can contact the couple or the person you RSVP to. The couple may have gift registries with some companies. 

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Keep alcohol drinking to a minimum

A wedding reception is a fun occasion. There’s food, drinks, and happy people.  Some people tend to celebrate with a little too much alcohol, and it’s usually people who can’t hold their liquor!  

One tidbit about alcoholic drinks is it lowers a person’s inhibitions which can cause a person to act…well, out of control.  

I don’t know if you’ve been around a drunk person but I have.  It’s not fun. So please don’t overdrink.

Don’t be greedy at the buffet

Why eat like you have never eaten before? That’s not a good look. Show some self-discipline.

Keep it classy! 

Don’t show off your pole dancing moves on the dance floor.

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The takeaway

It’s okay to be excited for the bridal couple and it’s okay to join in the celebration. What is not okay is to act like an idiot and embarrass yourself and those you know. 

So if you remember 6 posh ways to enjoy a wedding reception such as RSVPing, not wearing white, bringing a gift, not overeating or drinking, and do not doing anything that you ordinarily wouldn’t do; you will have a good time and not end up on YouTube doing something you’ll always regret.

Just saying!

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