Three Simple Ways To Enjoy A Wedding Ceremony

Photo of an outside wedding area with cloth covered chairs, flower sprays, and view of alter.

A wedding can be a joyous thing. Unfortunately, some people get carried away; and do things that embarrass themselves and others. Here are three simple ways to enjoy a wedding ceremony without causing embarrassment. 

If you want to know what they are, keep reading!

Always RSVP

Please respond to the invitation as soon as possible.  RSVP is the abbreviation for the French phrase ‘Respondez, s’il vous’ plait’ which means Respond if you please. 

By responding, you’re letting the couple know how many people to plan for.  

Don’t wear all white!

At one time, a bride would wear whatever color she wanted.

That all changed after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom wore a white dress and veil for her wedding in 1840. Fashion picked up on it, and now white is a traditional bridal color. So it is an unsaid rule that no other woman wears white to the ceremony or reception.

If you don’t want any drama, PLEASE don’t wear an all-white dress or outfit to the wedding.

Keep it classy! 

Be on your best behavior and leave any drama at the door. A wedding is a happy time! The bridal couple wants to enjoy this day with family and friends who love and support them. If you’re going to start silly mess at the wedding, don’t come!

The takeaway

A wedding is a beautiful event. It marks two lives becoming one. 

If you want to enjoy a wedding ceremony, remember three things: RSVP, don’t wear all-white, and use your best manners.

Just saying!

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