One Way To Keep Your Ego In Check

It’s not easy keeping your ego out of your decisions, but it can be done. Learning how to do that can improve your chances of staying out of places where you don’t want to be; such as jail. Want to know what I mean, keep reading.

The beginning

In the 1990s, yes the 1990s,  music and society had started to change. As it did, the criminal side of life started to be popularized.


More and more folks wanted to be like that.  So being hard, and not backing down, became the norm.

There will be times when folks don’t want to do what they should do because they don’t want to look weak. That’s your ego talking. If you blindly let it persuade you, it’ll get you into a spot where you won’t want to be. 

Why keeping the ego in check is good

The ego is one’s sense of self. Sigmund Freud stated that three parts make up the human personality.  They are the id (your instinctual side), the superego (your conscience), and the ego (the mediator between the id and superego).

Some people, for whatever reason, develop an inflated ego. They think they are more than what they are.  A person like this is called arrogant, conceited, bigheaded, or overly self-confident. 

It is the thought that they’re always right that gets them in trouble. If confronted, they will think they can win and won’t back down; even though that is the better choice. The fear of being seen as weak will keep them from doing it. Therefore, pushing them further into trouble.

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That is the one thing that a close friend, who works at the juvenile detention center in the city where I live, sees constantly. 

He talks with the inmates, and one thing he noticed was that they had let their emotions get the best of them. Now they are in jail.

When he talks with them,  he tries to get them to understand that they have to put their egos in check. If not, they are going to end up back here at the detention center or on their way to the big boy prison. 

How to keep your ego in check

The best thing I’ve learned is to pick my battles. I always ask myself these questions. Do I want this? Will this be good for me in some way? 

If any of the answers are yes, then I fight for it. If the answers are no.  Then I don’t fight.  I let it go and move on.  

It’s that simple. 

I’m not saying don’t fight, I’m just saying pick your battles. Everything doesn’t have to be a war. 


The takeaway

The ego will get you in trouble if you don’t keep it in check.  You can end up in trouble; or even jail. Learn to pick your battles and when to back away.  That’s not showing weakness; it’s showing strength and wisdom.

Just saying.

If you have a story of when your ego got you in trouble and want to share, put it in the comments down below.  If you have a comment, please add it too.  I’d love to read about it! 

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