3 Quick Ways To Help Get Your Life Back On Track

We all have or had friends whose lives seem a little messed up. Yeah, they have nice stuff but are always broke and sometimes homeless. By watching them, I learned three ways to help get my life back on track so it doesn’t end up like theirs.

Want to know what can help? Keep reading.

Number #1–Setting Priorities

A priority is something you need. It’s essential to you, like food, money, or a place to live. Everyone has different needs. You need to figure out what your priorities are. For me, it’s money, food for myself and my family, housing, and my family’s safety. These are things I will work to obtain.

You may want those pretty Gucci slingback pumps you saw at Saks, but you’ve got to pay your house rent first. Having a roof over your head is more important. Because if you don’t pay your rent, you and those pretty shoes won’t have a place to live.

Number #2–Saving Money

One good way to start saving money is by opening a savings account, preferably one that earns interest. Interest is a percentage of the savings account amount that the bank will give back to you as thanks for you letting them hold on to your money.

You don’t need a lot of money to open a savings account; as little as $5 will work at some banks.

Once the money is the saving account, only use it for emergencies. For example, car engine problems or surprise doctor bills, not the latest pair of Gucci slingback pumps!

Also, looking into traditional retirement accounts such as IRAs or Roth IRAs at some point would be a good idea. These accounts can help you save money for those senior years!

Number #3–Learning how to manage personal finances

If you need to improve with finances, why not learn to? There are lots of websites and YouTube videos that can help.

When I started learning, I came across a radio show host named Dave Ramsey. He had built a real estate fortune, lost it, and then built back up a fortune again. Now, he’s helping people understand their finances and get out of debt. This is not a sponsorship; just a shout-out.

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A principle Ramsey discusses alot is knowing how much money is coming in every month and how much money is going out. In other words, know how much money you are making and spending.

Getting a hold of personal finances is simple. Setting up a monthly budget will show how much money you have coming in and going out. It is the total amount you spend each month, subtracted from the wages you make each month.

Also, you can go to where I found this out, which is from Dave Ramsey’s book, The Total Money Makeover. Check it out!

The takeaway

Though we all know people who have made questionable choices, that doesn’t mean we have to follow them. Setting priorities, saving money, and learning to manage personal finances will to get your life back on track.

Just saying.

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