Why You Shouldn’t Date Co-Workers– A StoryTime

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Most of us work at a job. Due to the long hours and long time, relationships develop. Sometimes those relationships turn into romantic relationships. I learned early in my professional career that one shouldn’t date co-workers.

If you want to know why, keep reading. 

3 risks of dating co-workers 

1. What happens if the relationship turns sour? You two will have to see each other every day; and may even have to work together. 

Hopefully, you two will separate as friends, and be able to be professional when you all have to work together. If not, this whole situation could get awkward. 

2. A No Fraternization rule. If your company has one, you and the other person could be up for disciplinary action. Who wants that kind of stress with their job? 

3. That everybody’s going to be in your business. You two may think you are being discreet about it, but someone will notice.

Then the gossips will try to get the full story, but if they can’t, they will make assumptions. Then those assumptions will make the rounds as rumors. Rumors grow and can sometimes be worse than the truth.

At my first job, I saw this firsthand. 

An office romance that went bad

My first grown-up job was as a sales associate in a department store. I had a young co-worker who I’ll call Haley. 

Haley and I didn’t gel. I think it’s because we had opposite personalities. We were professional towards each other during work hours, but we didn’t hang out after work. So I wasn’t privy to anything in her life. 

Yet, one day, I overheard her talk about how she liked a guy (we’ll name Jesse) who worked in a different department. Since I did most of the clothing returns to that department, I knew who she was talking about.

Jesse seemed okay. He was tall, well-dressed, and polite. Despite these qualities, which I appreciated, he gave off an air of arrogance and stiffness. While I didn’t like his personality, I did like his style.

Because I wasn’t in Haley’s circle, I didn’t hear firsthand all the juicy info. However, I overheard some stuff. Like how he treated her, how dates went; things like that.

Haley seemed to be more pleasant and had a smile on her face, whereas she used to be kind of a sore puss. She was even nice to me!

Then the craziness started. The older associates gave dating advice by the bucketful, and the gossips worked overtime, sharing everything they knew! Every day, I heard a new tidbit about Haley’s dating life.

One day, I saw some co-workers huddled around Haley. Later I found out she and Jesse broke up. I can’t remember the reason. Haley did seem a little down, but not for long. Soon, she was back to her sourpuss self. 

As I said earlier, we used to get a lot of clothes from Jesse’s department. While Haley was dating, she would return the items. Now, she didn’t want to go there, so I would do it.

That was when the idea came to me that dating co-workers may not be the best idea. 

Another coworker did the same thing, and the same circus happened again. After watching these situations, I decided dating co-workers was something I didn’t want to do. 

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The takeaway

When we work outside the home, we often bond with co-workers, and sometimes those bonds will turn romantic. That’s okay. However, my feeling is not to give in to them. 

What happens if you all break up? You’re going to have to see and work with this person. Depending on how the relationship ends, will determine if that working relationship will be uncomfortable or not. That’s why I feel you shouldn’t date co-workers. 

Just saying. 

If you have stories or thoughts you’d like to share, please put them in the comment section below. They are greatly appreciated!

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