Do Not Bring Your Personal Life To Work

Something I don’t do at work is talk a lot about my personal life. Why? Well, I learned that messy co-workers can use that information against you. So don’t bring your personal life to work. Don’t know what I mean? Let me share a story. 

The background

After I graduated from business college, I was hired as a sales associate at a local upscale clothing store. It was my first grown-up job, and I was super excited.  

For the first month, I floated from department to department. Just learning all the different departments and merchandise. Soon I ended up in the Juniors Department.

Overall, I enjoyed my time there. I enjoyed helping folks find what they needed. It got to the point I could look at someone and tell what size they wore. I adored the clothes and spent most of my paycheck there.

Though I adored my job, adjusting to meeting the public and working with my co-workers took me some time. If you don’t know, I’m a naturally shy person. So I’m a little reserved around people I don’t know.  

What happened to me during my time there taught me a perfect lesson: don’t bring your personal life to work. 

The Lesson

I have a few good guy friends that I have known for years. I told them where I worked, and they came by to visit. Of course, I would stop and talk with them.

Whenever the guys left, my nosy co-workers would ask who they were and what we talked about. Not thinking anything was wrong, I told them they were close friends and we were just talking about the clothes or gossiping about mutual friends. 

While working, the girls and I would chat about weekend plans, boyfriends, and fashion. During these chit-chats, I would talk about my personal life, like hanging out with friends and family. 

Somehow, some things I said about my personal life got back to my manager. But they weren’t correct. Apparently, my manager had heard that I was dating the guys coming by to see me.  

Now let me stress these guys were friends. There were no romantic feelings whatsoever. 

So due to everything, my manager gave me a verbal warning about having too many visitors.  

Disciplinary actions don’t look good on a person’s work file. There have been places where I’ve worked where if you get three actions against, you were terminated. Fired. 

What I learned

That’s how I learned the lesson of leaving my personal business at home because it could impact my work performance.

The takeaway

After seeing all that had happened to me, I learned the lesson not to bring my personal life to work anymore. Now, I let my co-workers know what I want them to know about my life. That’s it. 

Just saying.

If you have any comments or stories you want to share about how your personal business got you into trouble at work, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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