Why Ignoring Parking Lot Signs Is A Bad Idea–A StoryTime

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It’s important to follow all parking signs because if you don’t, you may find your car towed.

If you are not sure what I mean, maybe this story will show you why ignoring parking lot signs is a bad idea. 

What Started It All 

One night, I went over to my boyfriend’s apartment. His apartment complex didn’t have marked parking for visitors, so they had to park on the street.

Well, the night I went over there, I had no intention of staying for long, maybe 30 minutes, maybe an hour. 

We watched TV and talked. About an hour later, I decided to go home. So I went out to get into my car and found it was…gone. 

I thought for a moment where’s my car? The parking lot was not that big, and I was sure I had parked it in front of my boyfriend’s building.

I ran back into the apartment and told my boyfriend. He ran outside with me and looked around too.

Then an idea hit me: what if my car had been towed because I had parked in the parking lot without a parking permit? 

I got the tow company phone number off one of the tow signs in the parking lot and then went back into the apartment.

I called the towing company, and sure enough, they had towed my car. While I was in the apartment with my boyfriend, a tow truck came and towed my car. 

So my boyfriend drove me to the towing company. I paid the crazy amount they wanted to release my baby from impound and then went home.  

What I Learned 

Obey all signage that you see in a parking lot. If you park in a parking lot, and there is signage for a store next to the parking lot, but you’re going across the street, don’t park there. 

If you are going to a place, and there are parking meters out front, pay the meter. You may not get caught, but then again, you might. 

Places do tow cars. Why take the chance? The signage has already put you on notice. So don’t do it! 

The Takeaway 

Be mindful of what you do in everyday life, especially when you’re parking. Signs are up for a reason, and not following them could cause bad things to happen.

I didn’t listen to the tow signs around my boyfriend’s apartment complex. I decided to park in a space where I shouldn’t. So now I know why ignoring parking lot signs is a bad idea. 

Just saying. 

If you’d like to share any stories or comments, please put them down in the comment section below. I appreciate them, and who knows, they may help someone else.

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