The One Time They Were The Problem, Not Me–StoryTime

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Have you ever had someone say you can’t do something? Well, as a sophomore in high school, I learned that this time the problem was with them; not with me.

What happened

When I was a sophomore in high school, I took a chemistry class. About a week into the class, I started having trouble understanding the stuff. It was weird to me because I liked chemistry. 

So one day while I was having trouble working on an in-class assignment, I asked the teacher for help. She explained it to me again and I still couldn’t get it. After that, she said maybe I’m not good at chemistry. 

Those words hit me hard and caused my self-esteem to drop. 

The solution: A new class

The next day, I was moved to a basic chemistry class. I wasn’t happy, but oh well. This move turned out to be a good thing.

The teacher, Mrs. Landers (not her real name), was nice and patient. She broke down chemistry to the point I could understand it. Since the atmosphere of the class was laid back, we always had fun. This class was my favorite.

Well, this story isn’t over. Since I needed a full science credit, I had to go back and retake the first semester of that other chemistry class. 

I didn’t want to, because the teacher’s words still rattled around in my mind. What she had said shook my confidence, just not in science but in myself.

Sidenote: It took time to get my confidence back, but I did. Yay!

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How it ended

Next year, I took the class and soared through it!  I didn’t have any problems. At the end of the semester, the teacher came and told me that maybe I was good at chemistry. 

Really? Wow!

My thoughts

To my dying day, I will believe that it was the way the teacher explained it. 

Think about it. In the basic chemistry class, I had a teacher who explained everything more simply than the other teacher did. 

Then when I went back into the first teacher’s class, I didn’t have any issues and scored higher than I did before. That tells me that it was her teaching style, not my not understanding. 

The takeaway

If you want to do something and someone says you can’t do it, don’t believe it. Look for another way to get to what you want. Chances are, the problem was with them not with you. 

Just saying!

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