High Price Isn’t Always Linked To Quality–A StoryTime

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Growing up I always thought that the more something cost the better quality it was, but that’s not true. A Christmas present I received one year showed me that a high price isn’t always linked to quality. Want to know what happened? Keep reading!

What happened

I was 17 and my aunt gave me a purse for Christmas. It wasn’t just any purse. It was an Adolfo dome purse. This was a higher-end purse back in the 1980s. It looked like the Louis Vuitton dome bag that seemed to be everywhere at the time.

This real leather purse was not cheap, so I was super excited to have it! It was better than the $12 fake leather purse I had just bought. 

Anyway, that night I took the stuff out of my old purse and put it in my new Adolfo. As I was doing so, I noticed a loose thread around the inside pocket. Well, I pulled on it. 

Bad idea! All the thread around the inside pocket came out. The pocket was now the zipper from the pocket hanging off the inside wall of my purse. I was shocked! 

This purse was supposed to be made of the best quality. I hadn’t even had this thing a day and it was falling apart. Wow!  

So I took everything out of my Adolfo and put it back in my old fake leather purse that cost $12.00. It still looked brand new, and you know what? I went on to have that purse for the next four years. 

The takeaway 

Just because something has a high price doesn’t always mean it’s good quality. I found this out the hard way. 

If you can get your hands on the item, inspect it.  Are the stitches straight? Is the material sturdy?  If you are ordering online, look at the pictures and read the description closely.  You don’t want to get something that you don’t want or that falls apart after a day or two.

Just saying! 

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