Creepy Delivery Run–A StoryTime

Recently, I got a reminder to trust my gut instinct. You know, it’s that feeling inside that says a situation or a person isn’t right. Here is a time when I didn’t follow my gut and it got me into something that I did not want to be in. 

How it started

In August 2021, I returned to partnering with GrubHub and UberEATS food delivery services.

On Tuesday morning, an offer for delivery from Dunkin Donuts came in. At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted it. There was just something about it. 

After thinking a little more, I decided to go on and take the offer. I figured it would be a quick order since there was a Dunkin not far from where I was at the time.

On the way there, I verified the restaurant’s address. It turned out that the order was for a Dunkin on the other side of town. That was strange because the orders I had alwaysgotten were for the store on this side of town. 

I brushed that thought aside, and started the drive to the other restaurant. On the way, I came across a slowdown on the road that the Dunkin was on. 

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This was a surprise. The only times that this stretch of road was back up were during morning, noon, and evening rush hours. The rest of the time it was clear sailing. I got the order between the morning and noon rush hours. 

After waiting a while in traffic, I finally got to the restaurant. 

The twist

Once I arrived, I found out they hadn’t received the order; which was strange. So to help the restaurant out, I showed the counter guy the order on my app and he started to work on it.

So while they did that, I took a seat and looked at the delivery instructions for the order. This is where I realized I’d messed up!

The instructions said to bring the order to the customer’s back door. Now, I have a rule: No deliveries to the back door!  Side door, yes; back door, no. Why? No one can see what’s going on back there. I could get snatched up, killed, sold to human traffickers, anything! 

Oh crap, I’m in a fix! It was too late to reject the order, so I decided to go on and finish it. Once the order was ready, I thanked the restaurant crew, took the order, and drove to the drop-off point.

I pulled up to a pretty townhouse in a nice part of town. As always, I double-checked the house number and. Yep, this was the place. Also, I noted the two cars in the driveway.

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I got the order out of my car and went to the house. The delivery directions said to go to the right side of the house, go down the hill, and drop the order off on a table on the back porch.

I walked to the right side of the house and looked down the hill. On that side of the house was a tree line that went down the hill.  At the bottom of the hill, there was a point where the tree line and the house met. At that point, there was a round hole in the tree line. The hole was just big enough for a person to fit through. 

When I saw that hole, my gut and I both said, “Nope!”

As I walked back to my car, I texted the customer to let them know that I felt uncomfortable with the drop-off place and was going to leave the order at the front door. After that, I quickly got in my car and hurried out of there.

The ending?

Three hours later, I received a message from Grubhub that said the order had been canceled.


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 creepy delivery run--storytime for

The takeaway

When I look back, I see that this whole order was weird.

First, I wasn’t sure whether I should take the order. Secondly, there was a traffic slowdown on the way there. Third, the restaurant didn’t have the order. Then, hours after the order had been delivered; I got a notification that the order had been canceled.

Yeah, this delivery seemed shady and unsettling.

Moral of the story: Always trust your gut instinct.

Just saying!

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