How To Not Procrastinate

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Written by Ginny V

If you’re like me, whenever you had homework, you didn’t want to do it. So you procrastinate until the very last second (sometimes not even doing it). Well, as I’ve learned, this isn’t a good work habit.

Also, when my parents’ punishments for getting late assignment emails from my teachers got stricter, I’ve since learned these tricks on how to not procrastinate.

So if you want to learn, keep on reading, because I think these tips will be very helpful!

1. Think about what will happen if you procrastinate

This is a big motivator for me. If I’m procrastinating, and I know I have to do this work, I think:

A. What will happen to me if I don’t do this work, or just procrastinate until the last second?

B. Will I get in trouble with my parents if I don’t do this work?

Whenever I know I’m procrastinating, I think of these.

2. Reward yourself afterward

One thing that I find that helps is rewarding myself after doing the task I need to do. For example, let’s say I need to do this science assignment.Of course, I want to procrastinate. But then I tell myself something like, “You know what, if I finish this assignment, I’ll go and eat some cookies afterward.”

I know it may seem simple, but it works for me. Even for something simple, such as reading a book, telling myself that I’ll reward myself helps me do the assignment.

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3. Do the tasks as you get them

On the website, MindTools, one thing they say in their “Anti-procrastination Strategies”, is “Act as you go.” What they’re saying is to do your work when you get them then, instead of letting it build up over time.

I can say this is true. Have you ever had it where you had so much work, that it just discourages you even more? I have. A lot of times.

It sucked. Because if I was finally like, “Ok, I should do this homework” and then I see all this work I had to do; I’d be like, “Actually, how about I do this later…” and never do it.

So don’t let your work build up.

4. Break down your work

From a YouTube channel called Improvement Pill, they explain how to break down your work (this video is about reading books but this could be for other stuff).

This may seem a bit simple, but what they mean is if, for example, you want to read a book that has 300 pages. This may seem like an impossible goal, but having it where you say, “I will read one chapter. After I do, I’ll play some Call Of Duty.”

Making the goal seem smaller and more possible, and rewarding yourself can make you want to do that; and not procrastinate.

Doing this method, while reading, helps me. It makes me want to read.

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The takeaway

How can you stop procrastinating?

There are 4 ways: think about what will happen if you procrastinate, reward yourself, do your tasks as you get them, and break down your work.

Now, remember, this may not work for everyone. I hope you enjoyed the post! 😀

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