The Reason For Putting Your Safety First

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In my post, Creepy Delivery Run–A Storytime, I talked about a weird situation that reminded me to always trust your gut instinct and put your safety first.

Your gut instinct is that feeling inside that tells you something or someone around you isn’t right. It’s also called your intuition. 

Keep your intuition close to you and listen to it. It will keep you safe and ahead of danger. Think of it as your ‘spidey’ sense.

In this day and time, a woman must be smart and aware of everything around you. There are many dangers, like human traffickers, serial killers, and people who want to use and abuse. 

I want you to know that you don’t owe anyone the benefit of the doubt, especially when your safety is at stake. Anyone who tells you that you do, in my experience, doesn’t care for you how you should be cared about.

The same goes for anyone who tells you you are selfish or crazy for being concerned about your safety.

If you never listen to anything I say, please listen to this. Always follow your intuition and watch out for yourself!

Just saying!

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