5 Essential Etiquette Tips For Any Barbeque And Backyard Dinner

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Summer is a prime time for barbeques (or barbecues) and backyard dinners. While these gatherings are informal, it’s important to follow some basic etiquette. Here are 8 essential etiquette tips for any barbeque and backyard dinner.

1. Offer to bring something  

It is considered rude to show up to a barbeque and backyard dinner without offering to bring something to eat or drink. Even if the host or hostess declines your offer, it’s polite to make the gesture.

2. Eat responsibly

When going through the line for the first time, take a small sample of everything you’d like to try. This ensures there is enough food for everyone. Once everyone has had a chance to go through the line, you can go back for more.

3. Have fun, but not too much 

Barbeques and backyard dinners are great events with food, friends, games, and sometimes alcohol. While it’s okay to have a drink and join in the activities, doing too much of either is not a good idea.

Being the person who gets drunk and acts out of control is not a good look.

4. Ask first before packing leftovers 

Always check with the host or hostess before taking home leftovers. Generally, people take home what is left of their dish. For example, if you bring a pie and only half of it is eaten, you can take the rest home if you want to.

Always ask the host or hostess before taking any leftovers.

5. Offer to help clean up  

It’s considerate to stay and ask if the host or hostess needs help with cleaning up. 

The Takeaway 

Barbeques and backyard dinners are great opportunities to socialize and have fun. Though informal, some etiquette should be followed. Remember to offer to bring something, avoid eating everything, stay in control, ask before taking leftovers, and offer to help clean up.

By doing these things, you will be the person who gets invited back time and time again.

Just saying!

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